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Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o An Evening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is hilarious. He may be potty-mouthed and self-deprecating, but he's also quick-witted, intelligent, creative, and sincere. Talking about his experiences, he's also an excellent storyteller. Sure, most stories feature the f-word at least 100 times, and 500 different synonyms for the word penis, but they're all actually heartwarming and hilarious, This a great watch if you need a laugh. If you hate the man who would be Silent Bob, however, you probably won't find him very funny.

7 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Pirates of Caribbean: World End

This third installment demonstrates improvement over the second series entry, with the re-introduction of Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, a creative spin on the concept of hell from the perspective of Davy Jones' locker, and stunning, even flawless, visual effects. The plot's a bit convoluted, and Keira Knightley will always detract, but it's a great swan-song for least until the next film.

8 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Spider-Man 3: The IMAX Experience

This final chapter of the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man trilogy is a friendly neighborhood disappointment. This film suffers from plain bad storytelling, which is unusual even for a comic book film, and some poor casting, namely in Topher Grace as Venom/Eddie Brock. X-Men 3, at least, had some redeeming characteristics to it. Now, a complete reboot of the franchise is being planned without Raimi or star Tobey Maguire. The prospects are too scary to consider.

5 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o The Illusionist

Fantastic acting and supremely seamless special effects make The Illusionist a worthy two hours of viewing. While Jessica Biel's performance is an obvious weakness, Edward Norton and the supporting cast shines in an unusual fantasy story exploring the bounds of magic. The cinematography, nominated for an Oscar, was the most magical and creative element, giving the film a hazy look that added to the surreality of its subject.

8 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Queen Bees and Wannabes

What Mean Girls has that other teen comedies lack is a sense of awareness and acerbic wit infused into its screenplay by writer Tina Fey. It may not be the most profound film about teen angst (and Lindsay Lohan may fail to ever be as winning as she was in the Parent Trap remake), but the film is still highly quotable and full of classic and timeless observations that any girl or guy can relate to.

7 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Pirates 2

People rate this film too strictly - it's a sequel. It doesn't surpass the original, but it is still quite entertaining and sets up the exciting third chapter adequately. The biggest flaw centers on Keira Knightley's performance, who played Elizabeth a bit more eccentrically in this film than in the first. Johnny Depp, however, remains eternally engaging as Captain Jack Sparrow.

9 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Superman Returns: An IMAX 3D Experience

Superman gets a decent once-over that beats Superman III and IV, even if it's a pale imitation of the film that started it all. Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey were excellent casting choices; Kate Bosworth was a mistake. The special effects were great, but the film still makes one yearn for Christopher Reeve's version. The story was also full of holes: why did Superman leave to find phantom Krypton in the first place? How will the ending affect the franchise? Why so many slo-mo flights?

7 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o The Lake House

Why does this magic thing even start working? Were major plot points neglected? Too much is left to the viewers' interpretation. The overall work of the film is shaky (it's confusing, it's disjointed, it's vague, it leaves too much to the imagination). It's entertaining and warm-hearted in its happy ending, though the story itself is kind of creepy, if you think about it (getting random letters from someone in the past).

7 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o Cars

Pixar does not make bad films, and while Cars may not be the studio's best, it is still a far better film than many if not most. Talking cars aside, the story is tight and well executed, the animation is eye-popping and brilliant, and the film manages to take some potshots at car racing without taking on the more obvious (and slightly) spirit of Talledega Nights. Perfectly entertaining film.

9 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o X-Men: Final Decision

This is a disappointing final chapter in an otherwise stellar film series/comic book adaptation. Bryan Singer's departure to direct Superman Returns was a serious blow, as Brett Ratner failed to sustain the tight pacing and story execution present in the first two X-Men films. Aside from a few great special effects and interesting character arcs (which do not make up for the failed ones), the trilogy sputtered to a saddening and dull thud with this film.

7 gwiazdki

Pippin2010 Pippin2010 napisał(a) o The DaVinci Code

The book is far better, and Tom Hanks' hair is weird in this film. There was also liberal license taken in the adaptation that makes the film not worth watching as much as the book is worth reading. Not compelling enough to be reviewed.

7 gwiazdki